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MisterWives: Not Your Way (Official Video) + Chance The Rapper Cover

Published On August 22, 2016 | Music, News

The official video for MisterWives’ Not Your Way is finally here! Peep the whimsical new video via Lenny Letter: http://www.lennyletter.com/culture/interviews/a515/music-monday-mandy-lee-of-misterwives/


“The video definitely pays tribute to the women’s-suffrage movement. It’s interesting because the 1920s were also the silent-film era, so there’s this extra layer of how women have been silenced for so long. It’s the coolest thing to think, Wow, 100 years ago we couldn’t vote, and now we’re going to have a female president. There’s still a lot that needs to be done, but the fact that we have such a milestone, it’s so exciting.

The song came about because I’ve been pursuing music since I was thirteen, and along the way so many men have told me things like “You need to dress sexier,” or “Let’s have you lose five to ten pounds,” or “Your songs are good, but let’s have someone else write your songs for you.” Just all of the different things that strip you of who you are and how the industry tries to fit you into this unrealistic and unhealthy mold that doesn’t allow women to just be celebrated.”

Haven’t heard MisterWives’ cover of SAME DRUGS by Chance The Rapper? Have no fear- you can now stream the song exclusively on Spotfiy:

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