misterwives_vagabond_ remix

MisterWives- Vagabond (Jared Poythress REMIX )

Published On July 21, 2014 | Music, News

MisterWives release a brand new REMIX of their jam “Vagabond” via Hilly Dilly! Hear what the blog had to say about the remix, and don’t forget you can catch the original version of “Vagabond” each Tuesday at 10pm on MTV via Finding Carter!


Hilly Dilly- Listen to the REMIX here 

“Some songs¬†sound¬†better with blue skies, a bright sun, and some¬†warm air in the atmosphere. There‚Äôs surely nothing like an optimistic, refreshing¬†remix to cool you off on a hot summer day, so¬†if you‚Äôre fortunate enough to have your end of the globe tilting nearest to¬†the sun, then you might find this new¬†MisterWives¬†remix¬†ideal for your setting.”

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