meet jesse blum of misterwives

Meet Jesse Blum of MisterWives!

Published On May 28, 2014 | Music, News

Meet Jesse Blum of MisterWives! He kills it on the keys, shreds the accordion and even plays this crazy instrument called the glockenspeil!

We sat down with Dr. Blum to ask him so intimate questions! I think it’s safe to say, Dr Blum, that we love ice cream too!


Q+A with Jesse Blum: 

What is your full name: Jesse Blum

What’s your wallpaper on your phone and/or computer? 
A picture of louis armstrong playing outside a pyramid
What’s life like touring in a van? 
Life touring in a van is crazy. Fucking Crazy. And also lots of fun

Read the entire Q+A on the band’s brand new Tumblr page HERE! 

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