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Pre Order The Mowgli’s New Album “Waiting For The Dawn”

Published On May 20, 2013 | Music, News

We’re super stoked to announce that you can now  pre- order The Mowgli’s new album “Waiting For The Dawn”, available online + in stores on June 18th!
You can choose from a few pre-order bundles including:

$25 Pre Order Bundle ft:

and other pre-order options available!
To Pre Order from Photo Finish Records, GO HERE
For Additional  Pre Order Bundles from Go Merch, GO HERE


1. San Francisco
2. Slowly, Slowly
3. Waiting For The Dawn
4. Love Is Easy
5. Clean Light
6. Time
7. Emily
8. The Great Divide
9. Say it, Just Say It
10. Leave It Up To Me
11. Carry Your Will
12. Hi, Hey There, Hello
13. We Are Free

(iTunes consumers who bought the EP will be able to use the ‘Complete My Album’ option when WAITING FOR THE DAWN arrives! )

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