Do The Spencer Dance!

Published On February 8, 2013 | Music, News, Video

Spencer trained for years for his dancing debut in the “San Francisco” video. We know you’ve been training for just as long… Show your skills and post YOUR version of Spencer’s dance (see link here http://PFR.ec/SpencerDance ) for a chance to receive a signed Mowgli’s CD and poster, and a call from the man himself, Spencer!

Remember, you don’t have to mimic the dance. Put your own twist on it. Be creative, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!
To enter, upload your video as a response to the official video for “San Francisco”  ( http://PFR.ec/TheMowglisSanFrancisco ) on YouTube. Also put the link to your video in the comments below this post by logging into your Tumblr Acct, reblogging the post, and adding your link!
Spencer will pick TWO videos! One will be his favorite rendition, and the other will be the video with the most views, so make sure you show all your friends, and maybe even post on your Twitter/Facebook!

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